About Us

Lithium Technologies looks towards the future to be an outstanding commercial software provider in Sri Lanka. Our products have satisfied thousands of Sri Lankan citizens by giving a safer and reliable foundation for their computer systems; Improving their productivity and efficacy through innovative software development.

Our slogan "Profession to Perfection" represents our devotion to provide quality services and to our dear customers. The products and services we provide are constantly improved and tested to perfection. From this, we intend to provide our customers a dependable on future in upgrading and maintaining their systems based on our products.

Many IT organizations tend to promote foreign software products that make us loose our economy. They act as importers of IT goods that sometimes don't deliver required functionality and some time doesn't provide any after sale services what so ever. Some other organizations try to export our professionals in the IT field and earn commission from the foreign organizations while those professionals can serve Sri Lanka by staying in their home country and doing the development here and do more service towards Sri Lankan community and economy.

We stand as a freelance development organization in Sri Lanka. The founder of our organization "Shaminda Perera" is devoted on creating innovative software solutions and IT services for our beloved customers and the Sri Lankan community. He is currently following his masters program and while he is at it, he is laying a foundation for a revolutionary IT movement in Sri Lanka to change the current system of neglecting the individual stakeholders who benefit from, and contribute to, the IT industry. He has made his idea a guideline for our organization by defining it in our Vision and Mission statements.

We, as passionate Sri Lankan business organization, looks for a future in serving our people and country by making innovative products and positive trends in technology in our local community.


Effort Appreciated Lithium Technologies received compliments from ICTA towards its efforts to protect Sri Lankan e-content and e-content users from global e-terrorism.

First Beta Launch (February 2008) The first Lithium Pen Pal Beta demonstration was held at NIBM for the academic staff and invited guests. This enabled NIBM Labs as a voluntary testing ground for research on our software development.

Exhibition Stall at 'Dayata Kirula 2009' (February 2009) We participated in the Exhibition "Dayata Kirula 2009" held at Bandaranayake International Conference Hall (BMICH) from 4-9 February 2009, which was a vibrant event with huge public participation from every corner of the Sri Lanka. It was a first step we took to bring out our product and services to public community. Our goal was to introduce Lithium Pen Pal the Sri Lankan first Anti-Virus software to the public and get their feedback on the services and the features of the products. We were inspired by positive feedback and good public response on the product Pen Pal. Lithium truly thankful for those who appreciate our work and we value their opinions and views always. We appreciate and pay our deepest gratitude towards who has paid interest on our mission to make computing safer and reliable to Sri Lankan people. This event supported our staff a good and knowledgeable experience.

Facebook Group Now all Facebook fans can join out Lithium Pen Pal group on Facebook. Join discussion, ask questions post your views, share information, meet Pen Pal fans, report bugs or suggestions, get events and news and many more! If you are not yet a member post a request, join today and get yourself membership today.

Pen Pal is now getting ready for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Earlier only few users were running Pen Pal on Window Vista and Pen Pal was partially compatible with it. But now with the growing number Windows Vista users and as a favor for them we have made Lithium Pen Pal fully compatible with Windows Vista architecture. Today, Lithium Pen Pal is serving Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users all the same.

Vision & Mission

  • To be the leader in IT Industry by being the driving force of software development and research in Sri Lanka.
  • Provide services to Sri Lankan community and IT organizations on improving their productivity and dependency on IT by facilitating their operations with our standardized commercial software packages.
  • Make computing safer and reliable.
  • Provide standardized software solutions.
  • Provide innovative foundations for IT trends.
  • Reinforce IT infrastructure of Sri Lankan Organizations.
  • Promote freelance development.
  • Give individual satisfaction on day to day activities based on IT.
  • "Profession to Perfection"

Logos and Trademarks

Registered Trademark for
Lithium Technologies Sri Lanka
Registered Trademark for
Lithium Pen Pal Antivirus
The first Sri Lankan Antivirus
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Lithium ERP

Panel of Executives

  • CEO Shaminda Perera MCS (COL), BSc in MIS (Hons.), DCSD
  • Consultant Rasika Nanayakkara BSc in MIS (Hons.), DCSD


  • MaximLogics MaximLogics, Devananda Road,
    Navinna, Maharagama, Colombo,
    Sri Lanka.

  • E-Arrow Pvt Ltd 26,
    De Vos Ave, Colombo 4,
    Sri Lanka.

  • Aryans Films 113/1, Thalangama North,
    Koswatta, Battaramulla,
    Sri Lanka.

  • Ran Ruwan Pvt Ltd 382/4, Sri Nandasara Mw., Sri Rathnarama Rd.,
    Arangala, Hokandara,
    Sri Lanka.
    Ran Ruwan Pvt. Ltd.

  • Sopli Kurunagala Road, Kurunagala,
    Sri Lanka.

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  • Ran Rvan Pvt. Ltd
  • National Institute of Business Management (NIBM)
  • Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association (Presidential Secretariat)
  • Ministry of High Education (IRQUE Project)
  • Overseas School of Colombo
  • Star Dust Casino
  • Aryans Films
  • E Arrow Pvt Ltd
  • IEM Solutions
  • IGTL Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Leisure World Water Park Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gloria Vision Center
  • Fashion Optics Pvt Ltd
  • V & Eye Opticians
  • Borella Jayasingha Opticians
  • Techno Vision Opticians

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