Luniux User Training

  • Introduction to Linux Distributions
  • Installation of Linux (RedHat Fedora on a Computer with Windows)
  • Understanding the Linux Desktop
  • Using Linux Commands and shell scripting
  • Using Linux Applications (Office applications, terminal etc)
  • Understanding System Administration
  • Setting Up and Supporting Users
  • Automating System Tasks
  • Backing Up and Restoring Files
  • Setting Up Security
  • Connecting to a LAN
  • Using Internet & Email
  • Sharing Files within the LAN
  • Updating Linux Applications

Internet Based Application Development

  1. Fundamentals of Internet
    1. Structure of the Internet
    2. World Wide Web
    3. Client/Server Architecture
  2. Web Design Techniques
    1. HTML, XML
    2. CSS
    3. Java Scripts
  3. Web Application Development in ASP.NET
    1. Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET
    2. ASP.NET 2.0 Essentials
    3. Developing Web Applications with C#
    4. Organizing web projects with IIS
    5. Debugging in Visual Studio .NET
    6. Working with Databases
    7. Configure and Deploy a Web Application
  4. Web Application Development using PHP
  5. WeWeb Application Development in Java (Tomcat,JSP,Servlets)

Fundamental Computer Training

  1. Introduction to Operating System (MS Dos, Windows, Linux) li>
  2. Word Processing (MS Word)
  3. Spread Sheets (MS Excel)
  4. Database Management (MS Access)
  5. Presentations (MS PowerPoint)
  6. Publishing(MS Publisher)
  7. Introduction to Internet (MS Internet Explore) & Web page Design (MS Front page)
  8. E-mail, Time & Task management (MS outlook)
  9. Introduction to Hardware basics & PC maintenance
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