e - Governance

The world wide web can aid in governance by providing information and portals to the public, business organizations and inter government activities. This enable government institutes to provide more convenient and efficient service to all entities including the general public.

Government to Public

Government organization can use the web as a medium for publishing news, statements and information to the general public. They can also provide the history background and other valuable information about their organization to the general public. This significantly reduce the number of phone calls and the lengths of the queues. Public can use the web to access information and help about services provided the government organization using the government organizations website.

Government to Business

Government organizations can provide information and help to business organizations to enable them to interact much efficiently. Government organizations can provide digital interfaces to business entities that can digitally interact via thee web providing them connivance on transactions and verifications.

Government to Government

Link between government bodies can be arranged using Service Oriented Architecture(SOA ) enabling them to interact with each other and external bodies providing them combined services and facilities.

Government to World

Information portals and standardized information can be broadcasted world wide using the world wide web. Inter government organizations can interact and shire information on validations and rectifications using world wide web portals.

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