Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing a website's code and content so that it can rank highly in search engines and is highly "visible" on the Internet. Itís great to have a web presence for your business, but just because it exists, does not mean that it will be seen! Your website needs to rank highly on search engines for a range of phrases if you want to be highly competitive in your business environment. 'Organic' Search Engine Optimization is standard for all web sites, ensuring that our client's website will attract potential customers that use the Internet. We use techniques that have proven effective by experience.

There are 2 ways we can increase traffic to your website from search engines:

1. Organic Optimization

2. Pay Per Click Marketing

1. Organic Search Engine Optimization:

'Organic' search engine optimization means optimizing your website so that it performs well naturally over time. This is done on all sites we develop. If your site was not developed by us we carry out search engine optimization by doing the following:

  1. Defining how you would like to be found in search engines.
  2. Analysis of your current website and its presence on the web.
  3. Analysis of what your competition is doing and defining ways to do better.
  4. Reporting to you on where you currently stand, suggested changes to the content or structure of the site and a summary of what we will be doing to make your improve your site's potential.
  5. Updating of your web pages latently to ensure it can be indexed properly by search engines - very few of the changes will be noticeable on the web pages. We refer to this as on-site optimization.
  6. Once the site is ready to be indexed by search engines we execute a link building strategy to build your presence on the web.
  7. After a reasonable period (enough time for these efforts to have an effect) we report back to you on what has been done, noticeable improvements, your new level of presence on the web and any suggestions on increasing your presence further.

Important to Know:

  • Getting traffic does not always mean getting new business - the site itself needs to persuade your visitors to make a purchase or contact you.
  • The results of optimization are also influenced by the level of competition on the web and the demand for what you are offering - we do not create visitors, we attract them!
  • Organic optimization takes time to implement and to have an effect - search engines can take 3 weeks before they update and results of link building can take longer.

2. Paid Search Marketing / Pay For Performance Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and online advertising in general has become increasingly popular in Sri Lanka in the last few years. PPC and online advertising is the faster alternative to search engine optimization: Your ads can appear almost instantly and traffic is generated in a much shorter period of time.

Pay Per Click advertising, mostly done on Google, can be thought of as pre-paid advertising, in that you provide a budget upfront which depletes as it is used. It is also called pay for performance advertising as you only pay when people click on your ads.

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