Barcode Systems

Barcode Systems

 In today's business environment, staying competitive is critical to your success. Barcode data-collection technology is an effective way to improve the bottom line and meet the competitive challenges your organization faces every day.

Types of Barcode Scanners

Hand Held Barcode Scanners

Hand Held barcode readers gives employees flexibly of movement. If your products vary in size or fragile, hand held barcode reader is the best solution for you. This barcode reader model is specifically used for small and medium scale inventory management. Other than that this model can be used for Slow moving Point of Sales Systems.Hand Held Barcode Scanners

Desktop Barcode Scanners

Desk Mounted barcode readers are used in fast moving inventory and point of sales systems. The desk mounted Barcode Reader allows the employee to use both his hands for handling goods. Giving him  boost of performance on his sales chores.Desk Mounted Barcode Scanners

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Wireless barcode systems provides grater mobility than hand held barcode systems. Wireless barcode systems are detached from the Computer or the Primary Connection to the system. Employees can freely move around inside the building or  the warehouse. The employee can carry the barcode scanner to where the item is located and he can preform his task with out moving the item. If your inventory items are very large or extremely fragile the wireless barcode scanner is the optimum solution for you.Wireless Barcode Scanner

 Barcode Card Readers

If you have a customer privilege program, a membership management or just simple attendance marking. the Barcode based Card Reader can improve your service quality to the customer meanwhile collecting accurate information about their behavior. Employees can conveniently identify customers and there transaction with out disturbing the sales activities.Barcode Card Readers

 Vehicle Mounted Barcode Scanners

For fork lifts and other inventory handling vehicles, vehicle mounted barcodes allow proper identification of cargo and help streamline the warehouse. Extra manpower is saved that is spent for identifying cargo and human errors are considerably reduced saving time and money.Vehicle Mounted Barcode Scanner

Wrist Mounted Barcode Scanners

For inventory tracking on production lines and conveyer belts where accuracy, flexibility and efficiency is concerned, wrist mounted barcode scanners allow employees to use both of their hand for handling production items while tracking items using the easy to use wrist barcode unit.Wrist Mounted Barcode Scanner