Lithium Accounting

Product Features

Chart of Accounts

Our accounting package consists of a Account Manager that helps you to easily build a hierarchy of Account to suit your business and financial architecture.

Leger Management

Customizable ledger system provides easy categorization of accounts eliminating complexities of access ad data entry.

Balance Sheet

The system maintains a constantly updated balance sheet of your business so at any time of the accounting year you may get your finance statements in an instance.

Trial Balance

A report of Trial Balance is available throw out the accounting year so you can maintain and track all the accounts at ease.

Profit and Lost Accounts

Multiple Profit and Loss accounts can be created according to your business architecture and be managed with full intermigration with the Balance sheet and other features of our accounting system.

Sub Profit and Lost Accounts

Secondary Profit and loss accounts can be created to satisfy your business hierarchy and maintained with their parent Profit and Loss Accounts.

Trade Accounts

Trade accounts can be created in relative to every P&L and Sub P&L account giving a more flexible output.

Bank Accounts

Bank accounts can be maintained and their transactions can be confirmed and marked as reconciled when financial statements arrive.

Bank Account Reconciliation

Bank accounts can be reconciled according to the month end balance of the bank statements.

Double Entry System

Our system uses the double entry system to perform transactions so it preserves the accuracy and flexibility of entering transactions to the system.

Reports and Summaries

Click on any button placed under this section and report view of financial statements available will show you in the right side of the window.

Balance Sheet

You can view the balance sheet of your organization at any time up to date with the current information available to the system. You may access the balance sheet via the chart of accounts.

Trial Balance

At any given moment you can view the trial balance of your organization by selecting the Trial Balance from the Chart of Accounts.

Profit and Lost Accounts

To take a report of one of your profit and loss account select the Profit and Loss report Under the Profit and Loss Account Report Section.

Sub Profit and Lost Accounts

To view a sub Profit and Loss Accounts select the parent Account and then the sub account under the Profit and Loss report section in the Chart of Accounts.

Trade Accounts

Trade accounts can be viewed by selecting them from the Trade Reports section in the Cart of Accounts.

Individual ‘T’ Accounts

You can view all trance actions of a Detailed Account by selecting and double clicking on the account in the Chat of Accounts.

This specialized accounting package provides an easy to use ledger system to manage your accounts. This package tracks Daily transactions and records and maintain their proper balances on their respective accounts. Finally you can obtain the P&L, Sub P&L, Trial Balance and a Balance Sheet at any given moment in an accounting year. This package will make your accounting available and accurate throughout the year.

Bronze Solution

In this implementation of the software service system we provide full featured version of the accounting package and support services throughout your financial year.
  • Installation and Setup
  • A Training Session
  • Online Technical Support
  • Backup and Recovery System
  • Upgrades and Patches

Silver Solution

In this implementation we provide more integrated and customized features for your organization infrastructure. We provide the service on integrating existing systems such as POS, HR or Inventory systems of your organization to our Accounting solution making it ease for you to manage finance within your organization. This package also includes all features of the bronze package throughout your financial year.
  • Installation and Setup
  • 2 Training Sessions
  • Integrating up to 3 systems
  • Monthly Service Visits
  • Limited Customizations
  • Limited Consultancy Services
  • Online Technical Support
  • Backup and Recovery System
  • Upgrades and Patches

Gold Solution

This package provides the ultimate solution for your organizations financial management. Up to 10 ERP modules operating in your organization will be instigated to a single point of financial control. Daily financial statements will be available on your desktop.
  • Installation and Setup
  • 5 Training Sessions
  • Integrating up to 10 systems
  • Monthly Service Visits
  • 5 Financial Years of Service
  • Extended Customizations
  • Extended Consultancy Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Backup and Recovery System
  • Online Technical Support
  • Upgrades and Patches

Value Added Services

  • We provide a low cost evaluation edition for customers who are interested in using our accounting package.
  • We also provide a licensed copy of ?Lithium Pen Pal? for Silver and Gold customers for the computers running our accounting system.


Sample Screens

The Main Work Aria


Chart of Account Area (COA)

This is the area which provides a way of showing financial information of the business. It lists all the individual accounts within each ledger in tree hierarchy that make up the overall accounts of the business. The COA provides a relevant structure to the accounts to allow the overall picture of a company’s financial architecture to be easily seen. These Header Accounts are used to classify, records, accounts, reports and financial transactions. You may find Assts, Liabilities and Equity Header accounts in default in the Balance Sheet. When continuing along the hierarchy you will find Bank Account, Expense Accounts and etc under their relevant Header Accounts In addition it provides access to different types of reports, ledgers and system features. E.g- “Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance etc.”

Transaction Area

This section is held in reserve for transactions which are classified five areas and they are Journal Transactions, Sales, Purchases, Cash and Banks. By clicking Sales and Purchase buttons, it gives an area in the right side to enter any sales or purchases made by company. Journal Transaction button enable to record every financial transactions made within the company.

Reports Area

Reports area provides you a display of reports generated and available in the system. Additionally this section enables to compare and reconcile the figures in non-audit accounts available against the bank statement.

Accounting Year

This section allow to specify period used for calculating annual financial statements in business. This period from year start to year end does not necessarily be constitutes calendar year, but it may vary according to the businesses. Here you can pick any duration as the opening date and closing date within the accounting year for analysis.

Detailed View

Detailed view gives complete and itemized description of what is available in left side of the window. If select any node in the tree view in Chart of accounts area, it gives you itemized explanation of items selected in the chart of accounts. Note-: This detailed view is only available for the Balance sheet items and Reports formats. E.g – “A click on Balance sheet node gives a complete structure of Balance sheet with list of items on it. If we take each line at a time: Top line is the title line with headings of the Balance sheet. Second line shows First category of balance sheet which is fixed assets. The next line shows the items that fall under the fixed assets with total Debit or Credit amount for the figures. Then at the end of the fixed asset line items it shows the total figures for the Fixes assets Likewise same applies to each categories that includes in the balance sheet”

Transaction Entry Screen

Journal Transaction Entry Screen

Bank Account Reconciliation


What and Why Reconciliation

This option allows you to verify the amounts on the bank statement are consistent or compatible with the amounts in the company's Cash account in its general ledger and vice versa. For this you need to adjust the balance per bank to be the true balance and adjust the balance per books to also be the same true balance. E.g :- Suppose there is outstanding cheques which have been written, but have not yet cleared the bank on which they were drawn. Because all checks that have been written are immediately recorded in the company's Cash account, there is no need to adjust the company's records for the outstanding checks. However, the outstanding checks have not yet reached the bank and the bank statement. Therefore, in the bank reconciliation, outstanding cheques have to be deducted from the balance per bank. For that you have compare and mark what is tallied with your bank statement. Click on current assets to expand current assets accounts in balance sheet node. Open the Bank Account node to choose the bank account in which you have the mismatch. Then mark the items that are matched with your bank statement. To settle the difference click Reconciliation in the Report area, select the account from the drop down for which you want to make the adjustment then select the bank statement date from the date time picker. you can type amount to decrease the balance per bank. Click finalize button located at the bottom line of the window so that the change become permanent. The Reconciliation Screen

Managing Users