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Introducing Lithium HRM

Lithium HRM stands as a full featured computerized human resource management system. Lithium HRM consists of an Attendance and Leave Register, Employee Profile Manager, Performance Appraisals and Payroll System. These systems are optimized to suite your company's requirements as for each company or organization may require customizations.

The Attendance and Leave management module will monitor daily employee attendance, contribution to projects or activities. This allows you to manage and allocate employees more efficiently through out a project based organization. Later this information can be used for project costing and budgeting purposes. The Attendance and Leave management module also tracks leaves, No pay, half day and other aspects of absence of employees and gives outputs required for salary and future leave management.

Employee Profile Management Module maintains records of employees' personal, academic, agreements, payment classes and historical information. All this data is organized under an employee number. Personal information is updated as an employee's resident or contacts change. System adjusts to academic changes such as salary increments promotions and etc allowing easy control over your employees' payroll management. Agreements are generated according to organization needs. Agreements and other documents can be created and modified to keep your legal aspect clear and up-to-date. Payment information is maintained throughout an employee's career in conjunction with the integrated payroll system. Employee history on personal and academic behavior can be accessed and revised.

The payroll system is coupled with the HRM and the Personal Modules to provide convenient and efficient payroll calculation at the end of the month. It also provides a flexible way to adjust various parameters such as tax tables and adjustments. Furthermore, reports such as PAYEE and Coin statements are created to support your organizations smooth management.

Product Features

Employee Register

Employee records can be created containing their personal and work information in an easy to find and maintainable digital environment. With high security and availability this system saves hours of work managing the employee history and personal records.

Employee Personal Files

Employees' documents are organized and maintained as folders in the system to provide a confirmable access to their information. Your important documents such as agreements and letters will never be lost or misplaced.


Agreements and letters can be auto generated according to your organizations document format. Documents can be created formatted and printed with relevant information using the system.

Alerts and Reminders

Alerts and remainders are given on agreements or other important dates that are fore coming and require attention.

Attendance Register

Daily attendances of employees are recorded and logged.

Leave Management

Documents regarding leaves and medical claim information can be maintained throw the system.

Payment Register

You can create and modify pay slip for each employee using the payment register.

Loans and Third-party Payments

Installments on loans and third party payments are recorded and monthly installments are calculated.

Unlimited Adjustments

An unlimited number of additions and deductions can be custom created as required.

Bank Remittance List

Coin statements are generated for overall and each employee through the system

Coin Statement

Coin statements are generated for overall and each employee through the system.

Payee Report

Monthly payee calculations and reports are maintained using customizable tax tables.

EPF Statement

Monthly EMP and ETF reports are automatically generated through the system.

Pay Sheet

You can access and view all pay slips as a summary in the pay sheet.

User Login

The system is secured by a User Login that allows only authorize personal to access the system.

Network Support

The system can be setup in an office network and can be accessed any where inside the network.

Integration with MS Excel

Reports and outputs can be exported to MS Excel with ease.

Product Modules

Attendance and Daly Staff Allocation

  • Attendance Register : Records daily attendance information.
  • Attendance Details : Reports daily attendance information.
  • Project Contribution : Records employee participation in projects and Departments.
  • Leave Report : Reports employee leave history.

Employee Profile Management

  • Employee Register : Maintains employee personal and academic information
  • Alerts and Notifications : Reports on upcoming events and agreements.
  • Employee Contacts : Displays employee Contact Details as a mailing list.
  • Loans and Liabilities : Maintains records of loans and their interests.

Payments and Reports

  • Payment Register : Manages and maintains monthly wages and salaries.
  • Payment Report : Reports monthly Pay-Sheet with a summery of all pay slips.
  • Monthly Adjustments : Maintains monthly allowances and adjustments.
  • Bank Remittance List : Displays employee bank accounts with relevant payments.
  • Coin Statement : Coin statements that are required by banks and the cashiers.
  • Payee Report : Report of PAYEE taxes for the month.
  • EPF/ETF Statement : Report of EPF and ETF taxes for the month.

Customization Framework

  • Workgroups : Maintains details of workgroups and departments.
  • Job Titles : Maintains a list of designations in the organization hierarchy.
  • Classes : Classes that an employee can be assigned for his experience.
  • Nationalities : Multinational and Multi-Cultural details.
  • Projects : Management of projects that an employee contributes to.

Taxation and Calculation Management

  • Monthly Adjustments : Maintains organization dependent monthly adjustments.
  • Long-term Deductions and Additions : Maintains types of long-term adjustments and loan types.
  • Fixed Taxes and Allowances : Tax tables and allowance calculations are maintained.

System and Security Functions

  • User Login : System is protected form unauthorized users by a user login.
  • Network Support : System can be distributed via the organizations' network.

Available Packages

WebBased Package

  • Network Support
  • Multiple User Logins
  • Cross Platform Support
  • Higher Expandability

Desktop Package

  • Network Support
  • Multiple User Logins
  • Higher Data Security
  • Higher Processing Speeds
  • Low Resource Usage
  • Intermigration with MS Office
  • More User Friendly Screens
  • Easy to Learn
  • Professional Formatted Reports
  • Device Integration Support

Screens anddReportsReports

Attendance Reportt

Leave Report
Leave ReportLeave ReportLeave Report
Mailing List
Employee Profile
Employee Pay Slip Entries and Adjustments
Monthly Coin Statement
EPF/ETF Report