Lithium PMS :: Production Management

Sales Order

A Sales order is placed by a customer with the required goods and delivery dates. The head office takes care of dividing the work among branches. The branches operate under job orders and all sub sequent documents are taken under a job order.

Production Formulas and Ratios

Each product has its own production specification. This is used when production planning to determine the amount of material and labor needed.

Production Plan

By considering stock levels, pending deliveries and job orders item quantities are determined by the production manager. These figures are then multiplied by the product formulas to generate material needs.

Work Order

Looking at the pending job orders and deliveries the production manager schedules the daily operations witch is called the production plan. In the next day the production plan is issued as a work order to the supervisors to carry out the daily operations.


When waste or low quality items are produced they are either sold or crushed to be used as row materials. This process is known as recycle and a default work order is maintained for this process.

Production Run

This is the basic production unit used at the factory and all formulas are based on this unit. Over roll micro material balancing is done to this unit during daily production.

Benefits of Production Management System

  • Reduce Wastage
  • Monitor Employee Performance
  • Monitor Machine Performances
  • Reduce Intermediate Bulk Stock
  • Availability of more parameters to determine Lead Time