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In order to keep up with current competitive market improving efficiency of the retail outlet is crucial. The time that a customer will wait for a sales person sometimes narrows down to a window of few seconds. The high-speed lifestyle of the twenty first century doesnít allow any one for wait in line. So attending to the customer with efficiency is the most competitive strategy in todayís market.

Empowering the staff with knowledge of current activities, products and orders going on in his show room is important. In case of an absence of a manager or a key person the support staff should still be able to carry out the operations as smooth as possible. Therefore figures like inventory, customer credit and etc should be known to next in charge. A point of sales software will ensure that your store will not fall in carious in absence of a manager.

Handling the daily cash needs such as the receipts, paybacks, exchanges, returns and expenses are managed by the Point of sales System. Daily cash reports and other required daily transactions get authorized, printed and saved for later reference by the point of sales system.

General Inventory handling such as Issuing GRNs and GTNs between branches and suppliers are done via the Point of sales system. The stock levels reorder levels and item movement is tracked and reported as needed via the point of sales system.

Customer profiles with contact and credit information are saved and reference as needed. The customer database built in to the point of sales system will allow you to plan marketing and follow up activities to promote your offers to best customers. The mailing lists, calling lists allows you to carry out small marketing campaigns such as sending New Year cards at ease.

Overall objective of the point of sales system is to increase sales by providing customer convenience and empowerment to the employee to provide high-speed, high-quality, reliable and trusted sales environment.

Available Features


Barcode systems will dramatically increase the sales speed of the outlet taking lesser time checking out the goods and more time to attend to the customer. The inventory trance actions will also in crease in speed and accuracy. Inventory activities such as stock taking will be faster and less variant.


Payments receipts to the customer will be issued to the customer using a customized receipt format.


The system will provide advance payments and part payments separately for special sales and whole sales.

Stores Management

The point of sales system provides built in sales inventory to maintain the show rooms stock values and re order levels. The required reports such as balance stock, item movement and etc will be generated via the system.

Goods Received Note

When suppliers bring in goods GRNís are issued via the point of sales system. The inventory gets automatically updated and the items will be instantly ready for issuing.

Goods Transfer Note

When damaged and returned goods are required to be sent back to he client GTNís allow the manager to update the inventory and provide documentation.

Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles re maintained as required. The credit sales and collection will be reported for follow up and the customers contact details are available as mailing lists and etc for small marketing activities.

Screen Samples

Direct Sales Screen

Lithium POS, Direct Sales

Invoicing Screen

Lithium POS, Invoice

Purchase Order \ GRN Screen

Lithium POS, GRN 

Goods Transfer Note Screen

Lithium POS, GTN